From Stereotypes to Archetypes

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In the pages before you are the stories of six former offenders.

Each one faced difficulties in their growing-up years, committed offences, was caught, convicted and served a sentence in correctional facilities.

Today they have turned over a new leaf and are on a journey of restoration and integration back into society – and have done so in an exemplary way. They have learned to accept their past and are now forging ahead as inspirational yet humble prominent figures in society. They are role models even for the best of us.

What you will read are their stories, in their own words, of their individual journeys out from prison into prominence.

AOL Book

Pan Wei Hao

AOL Book

Andyn Kadir

AOL Book

Norli Ismail


AOL Book

Kenneth Tan

AOL Book

Crow Yuzree

AOL Book

Andrew Ong


“Once in a long while, a book is written that helps impact and transform lives. I believe this is such a book, because it is all about transformed lives. Transformed lives will always impact other lives. They offer hope to those searching for hope – “If it can happen to you, it can happen to me too! If you can make it, I believe I can imake it too.” I applaud AOL for making this great resource available to all of us. Thank you!”

Jason Wong

Chairman, Focus on the Family Singapore

Founder, Yellow Ribbon Project and Dads for Life

“This book will empower the reader, and encourages one to look at youths-at-risk and ex-offender from a different perspective, to find hope in them and their circumstances. Definitely a must-read!”

Benny Se-Teo

Founder, Eighteen Chefs Restaurant Group

“A thoughtful and wonderful effort by AOL to capture stories of struggles and hope by fellow Singaporeans. It is a heart-warming read which celebrates the triumphs of everyday heroes, and we can definitely all take something away from it. It reminds me that as a society, we need to be more open and forgiving, to work towards a better Singapore.”

Louis Ng

Member of Parliament, Republic of Singapore

“The rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders and ex-offenders require the collective effort of the community. Their journey in changing for the better, and to be accepted back into society, is a challenging one. This is why we must continue to support them as they rebuild their lives and get back on the right path. “FROM STEREOTYPES TO ARCHETYPES” is a collection of stories by ex-offenders on this journey to change for the better. I hope you draw strength and motivation from the stories.”

K Shanmugam

Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law

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Each book retails at SGD20 with all proceeds going to Architects of Life. You can order the book “FROM STEREOTYPES TO ARCHETYPES” here!

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