Building a World-Ready Generation

About Us

Architects Of Life (AOL)

AOL is a Social Enterprise specializing in services, programming & training for the emerging generations. We exist to be ‘life-architects’ in building a world-ready generation. AOL is an official member of raiSE Singapore (Center for Social Enterprise).

With a strong belief in human potential, AOL employs transformative concepts and strategies to design outreach, developmental and intervention programs to work with young people, ex-offenders and families. Our working principle is ‘From Stereotypes to Archetypes’.

As a sector leader, AOL’s objective is to build people holistically, sustainably, and responsibly. Our programs are guided by current evidence-based literature and studies. We integrate behavioural & developmental theories, neuro-cognitive psychology, as well as systemic and socio-cultural research in all our programming.

Mission & Vision

To Develop Emerging Generations to Become Archetypes of Society

ARCHETYPE (noun): a pattern of behavior; a prototype (model) that others copy or base on; standard example

Our vision is for every individual we work with to challenge and defy stereotypes to become positive role models for others to emulate.


Our Value Differentiation

What makes AOL stand out in the industry is our niche in working with ‘People on the Fringe’. AOL specializes in reaching out to offending-prone youngsters, juvenile delinquents, troubled teens, at-risk youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, and ex-offenders. Our services have been engaged on 3 platforms:

1) School-based (public & private schools in Singapore and South-East Asia)
2) Community-based (family-services agencies, community outreach orgs & shelters etc)
3) Institution-based (prisons, rehabilitation centers, instituted hostel & homes etc)

Who Have We Worked With?

Over the years, AOL has worked with the following government and agency partners related to youth work:

  • Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE)
  • Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth (MCCY)
  • Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)
  • Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)
  • Singapore Prison Services (SPS)
  • Singapore Police Force (SPF)
  • National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC)
  • National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA)
  • Criminal Investigations Department (CID)
  • Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE)
  • Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP)
  • Rehabilitation, Protections and Probations Branch (RPPB, MCCY)
  • National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation (NYGR)
  • National Youth Council (NYC)
  • National Council of Social Services (NCSS)
  • Central Youth Guidance Office (CYGO)